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President: S. K. Mahaptra Mumbai.   Deputy General Secretary:  N. P. Upadhyay, New Delhi.


General Secretary: K. S. Samant, Mumbai. Treasure:     S. K. Jayakar, Mumbai.


Circular No.1/12                                                                             15th February 12


Pensioners  & Units


The General Insurance Pensioners All India Federation is wishing you happy healthy New Year 2012. We Pensioners are organizing & exerting to convert these wishes in to reality. Our Federation is now two years old. The issues are being pursued are:


 Basic pension family pension Report: On our insistence the companies are ensuring intimation to pensioners of Basic pension, commutation etc. Oriental has issued reminder to R OS on 6th July2011. Pensioners retiring now should insist on such reports for their record. Those pensioners who have not received such reports should obtain from the PSU.


The Government has directed that such details of the pensioners may be made available on the website accessible to the concerned pensioners.

Oriental has advised pensioners to approach LIC for non receipt of pension Family pension. Change 0f address, Bank account also be intimated to LIC with a copy to HO. The mail IDs of LIC are &   LIC has a tollfreeno.1800-11-8899 for enquiries.


D.R Increase: Pensioners will receive 60 slabs D R increase effective from Feb12 payble in March12.

Pensioners are requested to send DONATIONS to General Insurance Pensioners All India Federation. The core banking A/c no…………..                                                                                                    









All India CPI(iw)base 2001=100





199            197



Midiclaim: - we have been pursuing improvement in mediclaim scheme since Nov10.  General Insurance Pensiners All India Federation (GIPAIF ) &AIRIEF met Director of Insurance on 4th July11. We sent a letter to GIPSA on 29 Nov11. Com Gurudas Dasgupta MP recommended our issue to Ministry. The President of Bharatiya Janata Party shri Nitin Gadkariji also requested Finance Minister & Ministry to favorably consider this issue. Earlier through IRDA a reference was sent to PSU giving reference to our letter. We understand that even Secretary Financial services (M of F) have asked for comments of PSU on the subject.


In this connection our last letter dated 25th January12 to Secretary Financial services Ministry of Finance is reproduced:

Tel: 01123719758                                                                                                                                                     Fax:011 23613658

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                                                                                                                                 25th January 12

Shri D.K. Mittal


Financial Services,

Ministry of Finance,

Department of insurance, R. NO.6/A,

3rd Floor, JeeevanVihar Bldg,         (23340222 23343478 23748710

Parliament Streeet,

New Delhi-                          Fax;011 23344605(Ins. Division)                 




                                    Sub: - Staff group medical Scheme for PSU non-life Companies.



            General Insurance Pensioners All India Federation is representing pensioners of PSU non-life companies.


Since GIPSA is hesitant to take decision on improvement in ‘STAFF GROUP MEDICLAIM SCHEME’ for last two years we are approaching you with following request in brief:


  •  On nationalization of the industry “Medical Benefit Scheme for Officers, supervisory, Clerical &Subordinate staff” was introduced from 1976 as welfare scheme.
  • Officers were contributing certain % as contribution whereas class III&IV employees were not made to contribute. The contribution was on slabs of Basic salary.
  •  During the span of thirty-six years, only twice slightly upward revision of eligible sum insured was granted, last being three years back, where as seven times wage revision has taken place.
  • Suddenly the said staff “Medicla Benefit Scheme” is being treated as purely commercial proposal instead of welfare scheme by GIC & its subsidiaries.
  • This has resulted in continuous upward revision of premium every year forcing retirees to opt out as premium is unaffordable.
  • On retirement Pensioners are made to bear the entire premium further making it burdensome.


We therefore urge the Department to advise the PSU non-life companies at least to:


  1. Subsidized the contribution @75%employer & 25% employees & treat it as other staff benefit as is provided in LIC.


  1. Provide medical benefit at par with serving employees.
  2. Lift the eligible limit of sum insured to Rs.500000/- uniformly to employees & retired employees.


  1. Cover diagnostic test without Hospitalisation.


  1. Provide ex-gratia payment of Rs.1000000/- for high cost specified diseases.


  1. Provide an option to rejoin the scheme.


In support of our request we attached a copy of our letter dt. 18th November 2010 to GIPSA & cos..


Thanking you.

Yours sincerely



K. S. Samant

General Secretary.

Encl: attached by mail.     


It is understood that Govt has Called for information of Number of Pensioners & their contribution towards Staff Group Mediclaim form the PSU Companies.


In support of our above request we reproduced IRDA’s opinion.: Insurance regulator IRDA today (15th October 11) said companies should explore the possibility of including daycare treatment in hospitals under health policies. 

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) also asked the Union Health Ministryto look into issues of lack of scientific standardisation of pricing of various health procedures and lack of comprehensive database in terms of infrastructure and qualities, like hygiene of healthcare centres, across the country. 

 IRDA Chairman J Hari Narayana said, "The number and scope of daycare procedures have to expand within the context of insurance policies to enable these kinds of procedures to take effect and be incorporated." 

Under daycare procedure, a patient who does not need hospitalisation beyond 24 hours is admitted to a hospital for limited hours. The existing healthcare policies grants claim for patients for treatment for 24 hours or beyond in a hospital. 

The regulator said the total spending on healthcare requirements in India is about Rs. 3 lakh crore, of which a little less than Rs. 1 lakh crore is the actual spending that has to do with hospitals. 

D. R./ UPDATION case: (JAIPUR): In compliance with S C order dt.14/11/11 (“issue notice returnable in ten weeks. Learned counsel accepts notice on behalf of the respondents. In the meantime, the proceedings before the H C Jaipur, under Contempt of Court Act 1971 shall remain stayed subject to the condition that within eight weeks the petitioners shall deposit in the registry of the H C Jaipur, the amount due to employees”), the LIC has deposited amount of RS.4,35,513/- in the registry of HC Jaipur on 23/12/11as difference of DA/DR to 20 petitioners (out 0f 27) from Feb2010 only (subsequent to date of judgment). Against this Shri K. L. Asthana has moved an application in Jaiupur H C.. He has also submitted a counter affidavit in the Supreme Court on 5th Jan 12. The hearing is awaited.

These developments reveal the hurdles , legal & otherwise  in the way of D R & updation of pension.


Allahabad HC: A similar W.P. No.24580/2007 filed by Jagdish N Khanna Pensioners of LIC (Prem Srivastava Dy. General Secretary AIRIEF) is now referred to a special Bench. This will be finally heard very shortly.


 Jodhpur case: Our affiliate the Amm Bima Seva Nivritaa Karmachari Samiti has filed W P no. SBCW7188/07 for GIC Pensioners. It is on the board & will be heard any time.


 Bombay High Court: We the General Insurance Pensioners Association W.Z. has filed W.P, No 328/10 in Bombay H. C. the court has directed to list it for final hearing from week starting from 9th April 12.

There are several petitions filed in various courts by individuals &LIC, GIC, Bank organizations in this regard.


SUPREME COURT: one Pradeep Kumar ex- officer of Bank of India filed Writ Petition(civil) no 25/2005 in S. C. He himself being practicing Lawyer argued the case on various relief including D R & updation in S .C. On 12/10/11 S. C. dismissed the said petition .

RBI Pensioners case: The RBI pensioners retired during their sixth bipartite settlement, are able to continue to get updated pension according to seventh bipartite settlement with the help of a stay order confirmed by the Bombay High Court till final hearing.

Bombay WRIT PETITIONS (DIVISION BENCH) 2403 2009 All India Reserve Bank Retired Employees Union


Pension option to resigned employees: - in case of pension to resigned employees of New India Shri Sheelkumar Jain Supreme Court has directed to allow him option by its order on dt 28th July 11. the NIA is preferring a review petition against this order in S C.

SVRS optees case: - Our affiliate the Amm Bima Seva Nivritaa Karmachari Samiti has filed w. P. no.SBCW1807/2006 &1808/2006 in Jodhpur H C. these cases are on the Board yet to come up for hearing.

Similarly Petitions no.1077-1080, 1228-1230, 1258-1259, 1096-1098 of year 2008 , Civil Petition 1096 2008 National. Ins.Vol Retd/Retd. Emp.Asn.& Ors are pending in the S C.. The status of these cases is not available on the website.


Gratuity to Officers: The difference of gratuity to officers retired between 1/8/92 to1/7/94 was ordered by Dy. Commissioner of labour (gratuity)  Kanpur to Oriental Insurance co.. The matter was referred to GIPSA by the companies. On direction by GIPSA the oriental has filed an appeal stating that the service conditions of the employees are governed by notification issued under GIBNA Act and as such the Gratuity Act is not enforceable on PSU. This has to be contested by all of us. The PSU & Govt will drag pensioners again to S. C. Shri Prem Srivastava Dy. General Secretary of All India Retired Insurance Employees Federation is trying his level best to get this issue sorted out in favour of the pensioner officers of GIC. This is a issue not limited to a section of officers but envolving larger issue of whether notification under GIBNA ACT supersedes the special Acts like Gratuity, I> D.. We will have to support him even financially. In this regard we have requested OIC to immediately release the gratuity difference to officers by our letter dt 7th October 11.


TAC winding up: The sudden winding up of TAC has created problems for the pensioners especially the spouse of pensioners. So also the continued mediclaim is threatened to them. Pensioners Federation is pursuing these cases.

Tribunal orders updation:- "Respondents (Government) are directed to re-fix the pension of all pre-2006 retirees with effect from January 1, 2006... Let the respondents re-fix the pension and pay the arrears thereof within a period of 3 months from the date of receipt of a copy of this order,"

The above order of the Central Administrative Tribunal is not yet implemented by the Govt. though three months are over.

NPSC (NPOP): - The committee appointed by the Ministry of Social Jusctice & empowerment has submitted its report on the revised National Policy on Senior Citizens. The policy is aiming at providing security financial, physical, and social to sr citizens. We are also joining this cause. Our demand of decent pension, health, security are assured in this policy,

Delhi, January 31, 2012

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has approved the constitution of a
National Council for Senior Citizens, which will be chaired by the
Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment.

The Council would advise the Central and State Governments on issues
related to welfare of senior citizens and enhancement of their quality
of life with special reference to policies, programmes and legislative
measures; promotion of physical and financial security, health and
independent and productive living, and awareness generation and
community mobilization, an official press release said.

Helpage India - All India Senior Citizens Helpline

Delhi: 1800-180-1253 Bhopal : 1800-233-1253 Bhubaneswar : 1800-345-1253 Chandigarh : 1800-180-1253 Chennai: 1253 within Chennai. From other states dial 044-420103535, 23452365 Hyderabad: 1253 Dehradun: 1800-180-1253 Guwahati : 1800-345-1253 Kolkata: 1800-345-1253 Lucknow : 1800-180-1253 Mumbai : 1800-180-1253 / 1090 (Mumbai Police) / 1298 (NGO Elder Helpline) Patna :


INDUSTRY: - Finance ministry has formed four committees to consult on insurance business in the country, drawing representatives from insurance companies, industry bodies, rating agencies and finance ministry officials.

Representatives from The Insurance and Development Authority of India- the country's insurance regulator- are notably absent from the committees.


Other issues: - There are issues like improvement in Pension, commutation, Family pension, medical assistance to pre 86 retirees, improvement in their pension, extension of non core facilities to pensioners Retirees, setting apart a portion of Fund for pensioner’s welfare etc.

There are problem faced by pensioners in delay/non receipt of pension, mediclaim renewal intimation, restoration of commuted value of pension, mediclaim reimbursement, nomination of single pensioner/family pensioner and other grievances.


Treatment with dignity& respect is most important for the pensioners.

Recognition: The pensioners must have say in all matters concerning them. Today’s situation is that they are getting a raw deal. uniting and organizing is the first step to voice their concern. We are therefore demanding recognition from PSU &  Govt. Parliament has directed constitution of SCOVA committee to inter act with the pensioners in the central Govt. similar advises are given by the Ministry of Finance to consult pensioners organizations on their difficulties. We have to establish our representative character to PSU & Govt as early as possible.


We are appealing those few local pensioners organization to unite. Individuals are appealed to enroll as members of pensioners Association/ Federation in the interest of all of us.


 Fund: The General Insurance Pensioners All India Federation is in need of financial support. We are appealing to units and Pensioners to donate generously when they will receive 60slabs D R increase in March.


SECOND CONFERENCE: The conference of the General Insurance Pensioners All India Federation is now scheduled to take place on 24th March12 in Mumbai. It is heartening to announce that General Insurance Retired Employees Association Madhya Pradesh has decided to seek affiliation with our Federation. We welcome them.

Similarly the south zone Pensioner from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Keral & Tamilnadu are meeting in Bangalaru to constitute pensioners Association to affiliate with our Federation.

With greetings.


Yours Sincerely


K S. Samant

General Secretary.




















--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C/O General Insurance Employees Association, N.Z. 15/16 Scindia House, K. G. Marg,New Delhi-110001.MUMBAI OFFICE: 3rd Floor, Sterling Cinema Bldg, 65, Murzban Rd, Fort, MUMBAI-400001.

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